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What did YOU get out of Federal Careers Week?

November 17, 2010

The Federal Careers Week was a great experience where I obtained valuable information and met interesting people. Meeting the panelists helped me gain confidence in the choice of my major and the decision of moving to DC. It all started to make sense now! The events like that is exactly the reason why I transferred to AU.

I realized just how important networking is to getting a job in international relations. Due to the advice from the panelists, I have just finished my third round of interviews with [an employer] because I was able to ask someone in my internship if they knew of any opportunities. A women did and recommended me for this position!

There are many ways to utilize my degree/educational experience in various fields of the Federal sector.

85% of those who came have already taken action by expanding their job or internship searches, revising their materials, or expanding their networks. And congratulations to SIS sophomore, Lauren Powell! She was chosen at random from our respondents to our SurveyMonkey about Federal Careers Week. See what others had to say here. Check out AUCareerWeb for full and part-time jobs and internships with the federal government.

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