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Evaluating Your Job Search

July 26, 2010

You’ve basked in the glow of your graduation with family and friends.  Had a two week vacation with your nine of your closest college buddies. Next, you spent part of the summer working in retail or for a local restaurant.  Now, you’re faced with the reality of finding a full-time job within an industry or with an employer where you feel you can make a difference.

Regardless of the status of the economy, many job seekers will proclaim that finding full-time employment requires a huge investment of their time.  Whether you started your search weeks ago or it’s written on your calendar as a “to do” item, be sure to evaluate if you’re spending your time wisely.  Mike O’Brien provides an insightful article on developing a strategy for yourself and why networking and researching will yield better results.

As always, the advisors within the Career Center are more than happy to assist you with job search techniques, mock interviews and salary negotiations.  Learn more through the various resources on our website or by scheduling an appointment with your advisor.

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