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Lazy Days of Summer & Ways to Job Hunt

June 9, 2010

Can you imagine the tedium of circling adverts in a print newspaper every day? Well, whatever its limitations, this process took less time than the hours job-and-internship seekers spend online scouring countless sites to find often-redundant openings. And time is precious…especially during the lazy days of summer, and definitely during a job search. We’re not suggesting that you refrain from searching for a job, or a great fall (or not-for-credit-last-minute-summer) internship. We’re just saying: There’s a better way.

Let’s take our very own AU CareerWeb.  Along with such sites as SimplyHired, with its email alerts, or (for many of my SOC advisees) JournalismJobs, where you can get an RSS feed of search results, as well as many others, AU CareerWeb has a fabulous “Search Agent” feature that can help you get the info you need without getting carpal tunnel syndrome…or taking too much time away from networking, researching organizations, targeting cover letters, and (oh, yeah!) some fun in the sun.

Here’s how to use the AU CareerWeb Search Agent:

Sign in, go to Jobs and Internships.

Then click the tab for Advanced Search.

Check the box for Search Agents and name it for a search term, or something that will easily identify what it’s finding for you.

So, let’s say you were looking for a journalism internship: Put journalism in the Keyword field, and pick Internship/Co-op from the Position Type menu.

(The journalism student can hedge his/her bets by doing a separate search, saved as a separate search agent, with “reporter” or “reporting” as the Keyword.  For non-journalists: think about starting this entire process by running some sample searches in the regular Search tab to figure out what search parameters you really want to save. That will work well in such general search engines as SimplyHired, too!)

Here’s how to make AU CareerWeb search for you this summer:

Check out the results from your “Advanced Search” (however simple it actually may have been) and mark the positions you’re interested in by clicking Add to Favorites at the bottom of the position description page.

When you’re done browsing today’s results, click the tab for Search Agents. Your last search should be saved there.

Click the Schedule button, then rename your search if you choose in Label, and click yes for Enabled? Then hit Submit.

Now there are only three more steps!

You get to choose how often you want to get results, and if you want old and new together, or just newly posted items. The fields here are Period [Day, Week, Month];  Multiple [how regularly? every day (1)? every other day or week (2)? etc.]; and Include only new results? [if you put yes, you get only new postings; no, and you get everything].

If you choose every three days, only new postings (for instance), you can be kept apprised of what fall internships are coming across our transom on a regular basis without driving yourself crazy.

Sound good? Great!

And don’t forget: if you upload your clips and resume to the Documents tab section of AU CareerWeb, you will be ready to send them through the system at the drop of a hat, just by adding a targeted cover letter.

Now go enjoy your search..and your summer!

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