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Tips from Successful SOC Alumnae

April 19, 2010

SOC’s website always features items of note for students in the process of exploring and building their career paths (including its link to the Career Center and our SOC career advisors!)  Most recently, the website featured an interview with Professor Lynne Perri on faculty mentoring and making the most of internships, as well as an article on an April 9th panel of SOC Alumnae, held at the National Press Club, on reinventing yourself in an ever-changing media environment.

Among the panelists at the Press Club: NBC4’s Wendy Reiger (who talked about the necessity to be a “one-man-band” when it comes to reporting, producing and editing segments for broadcast); Jackie Judd, former ABC correspondent and now VP for communications at the Kaiser Family Foundation (who says that  “nonprofits have started their own news departments now, so I still feel like I’m in the newsroom.” Her advice to anyone looking for a job: “Cast a wide net.”); and media consultant Janet Janjigian (“It’s the skill set you’ve developed at AU and working in Washington that make you marketable,” says Janjigian, adding we should “think outside the box” about our skill sets, and also opportunities.

For the whole article, click here.

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