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Interns Fare Better in a Poor Job Market

October 29, 2009

Jeff Lambert at XM








It’s a no-brainer. Times are tough, but if you’ve had internships, you’ll do much better in finding a job than you will if you DON’T have internships. The latest NACE report has 23% of students with internships who applied for jobs before they graduated had jobs by April last year, versus 14% who did not have internships.

The best internships are the ones where you do substantive work, learn about the field and yourself, help you network, and build your skills. Now’s the time to start looking for Spring internships and polishing your resume. Make an appointment with your AU Career Center advisor to get you started or to take you to the next level in your search. Network, network, network with alumni and on LinkedIn, at our receptions, through your friends and faculty. If you’re just starting, check AU CareerWeb, or research organizations of interest to you and apply through their web sites. See where other AU students are currently interning, and read from our internship bloggers about their experiences.

If you’re ready to take those internships and move forward with the job search (which you graduating folks need to be doing), incorporate that latest internship into your resume. Take the time to think about your accomplishments at the site and don’t forget new skills you may have developed. Be on the lookout for employers coming to campus and be open to employers you might not have previously considered.

And poor job market or great job market, your AU Career Center is always here to help.

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