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Seniors: Wake Up

October 8, 2009
Prepare for What Comes Next

Prepare for What Comes Next

There is no time like the present.

When your post-graduate plans are at stake, this couldn’t be more true.  Did you know that successful job applicants allow several months  to prepare and hunt down their position? If you plan to find gainful employment upon graduation,  now is time to start your search.  Even if you are hoping to go to graduate school, now is the time to be “getting your ducks in a row” and applying.

Fear not, whether you are applying to grad school or looking for a job, the process doesn’t have to be a painful endeavor.

The Career Center  offers a series of events to help you with this transition. We’re kicking things off with Applying to Graduate School on Tuesday, October 13. We’ll continue with events for Building High Impact Resumes and Cover Letters, Executing Networking and Job Search Strategies, and Acing Interviews and Salary Negotiations.

For complete details, visit the Career Center’s calendar. Or, post questions in the comments for this post.

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