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Washington Post adds New Fall Internships

September 3, 2009

The Washington Post is seeking interns with strong skills and interest in online journalism.  Prospective interns must be students currently enrolled in a degree program, and, if selected, must submit one of the following on or before the first day of the internship: 1) documentation showing that academic credit is being received (i.e. a copy of the course registration), or 2) a letter from a professor, department head, or academic advisor stating that the internship significantly contributes to the student’s current degree program, or 3) a letter from the school stating that the internship is part of a work-study or independent study program.

The intern will be assigned a mentor to help teach them the skills that will help qualify them for a job in online journalism.
Hours per week:  16 hours maximum, with flexible scheduling.
DEADLINE:  applications must be received by Sept. 18.

For details, log on to AUCareerWeb. You can use the id # 38542 as a keyword search term to take you right to the listing of Post internships!

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